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Beardo dedicated to Man, You can style your beard the way you want. Hence it will reduce the time you spend in maintaining your gracious beard which u love to have. Once a boy reaches a certain age, growing a beard becomes a passion for most. With changing trends, maybe some trends come and go, but growing a beard will always be a passion for men. But sometimes due to environmental conditions, stress and other factors, the facial hair growth delays down. This can also cause the development of patchy beard, uneven hair growth patterns and slow or very negligible facial hair growth rate. This can lead to rise of self-esteem issues, but fear not, Beardo is here to save the day. 


1. Variety of products 

Beardo is a brand primarily focused on delivering quality products related to facial hair care, but now they have expanded their catalogue and now also have products like trimmers, fashion accessories, fragrance, moisturizer, masks, body washes and soaps, hair serum, hair wax, hair oil and much much more.


2. Best lifestyle brand for mental health

 Beardo now has expanded into becoming a whole lifestyle brand for men, focusing from men's skincare to their fashion statement. Their signature beard oil is one the most popular products among teens. The oil contains sesame oil, hibiscus, amla and coconut. It helps moisturize the beard, making its hair soft and manageable. Moreover, the amla and sesame seed oil in it, also promote hair growth and are also known to accelerate hair growth rate. It also provides a beautiful shine to the beard.

3. Easy Returns and Refunds


Beardo products come with trust and quality, but you can return a product within 7 days of receiving if the product is damaged, incorrect or incomplete. Another things is the exchange, which is available for the apparel category. You can exchange your apparels for a bigger or smaller size, if the one you received is of wrong size.


4.Versatile Products:

Gone are the days when caring for yourself was thought to be a women's idea. In today's era, with the increasing pollution and stress, everyone needs to care for their body, hair, skin. That's why Beardo has dedicated entire lines of products, specifically designed with the concerns of men. Their products are designed specially for beard, hair, face and body. While the other category includes accessories such as apparels, eyewear, trimmers and shaving items.


5. Best available products for men 

The Beardo products for beard are of three major types: beard growth, beard styling and beard color. The beard growth product includes beard oil, beard growth kit (Don Beardo's Beard Growth Pro Kit), Beardo beard activator, and many more. The Beardo Beard Activator is metal molded with a head of 540 chromium needles, that when gently massaged with, penetrate into the top layer of the skin and stimulate hair growth. While the beard styling department contains: beard serum, beard softener, beard and moustache wax an much much more. 


Beardo has grown into a complete lifestyle brand, that believes beard look professional too when kept properly. It has quality products and reward system too, where after a minimum purchase, you get promoted to a tier. From there you receive, different perks and cash back offers too.

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