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Swiggy best online portal to order food from best restaurants in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata. Order picked up from restaurants and delivered to customers on time. The most important thing that swiggy have a feature real-time tracking system for customers so that anyone can track the order placed.Don't you love binge eating while watching Tv series? Or when it's the perfect stormy weather, and you want relish tasty chai-pakodi,? or hot band samosa! Not only snacks but almost all of the cuisines are available at Swiggy, the India's largest online food ordering and delivery service. Swiggy is based in Bangalore and as of March 2019, it was operating in 100 cities across India. Gone are the days when we used to step out of our houses to buy our favourite dishes. Swiggy, has been a saviour to all. Swiggy has always been a topmost choice among its customers for its amazing services. From doorstep deliveries to secured payment methods, Swiggy offers customers satisfaction at one stop. 


1. Plethora of options available 

From Indian cuisines, Italian to sweets and snacks, Swiggy makes ordering food easier than ever, you can choose from a myriad of restaurants and their special food items that are registered on Swiggy in your location. You just need to login to your all and start ordering your favourite dishes. 

2. Options of various restaurants available 

 Swiggy includes various restaurants at just one stop. You can order from a single restaurant or assemble you own food paradise from different restaurants according to your preferences. 


3. Live tracking deliveries 

Swiggy also offers live tracking of the delivery personnel delivering your food. You can track your order's delivery and can also assume the time of your delivery at your doorstep.



4. Great discounts 

Swiggy offers great discounts and offers, both available from restaurants and as payment offers/coupons. There are several coupon options that you can avail at the time of checkout and get amazing discounts upto 50%. What can be better than this, right?


5. Combo offers

Many restaurants of swiggy offers include combo offers that have a combo dish that usually is ordered together but at a discounted rate; fried rice, manchurian and noodles are a popular combo at Chinese restaurants. You can opt for great combos at cheap prices. 


6. Extra discounts on cards

Whereas, payment offers include coupons codes like: 100SBI, where you get 15% offer discount when you pay via your SBI credit card. There are also options of many cards available that you can avail for great discounts. 

7. Maintains safety standards 

Swiggy also tells its customers that which restaurant follows Best Safety Standards, which offer more hygienic environment for cooking and packing of food. Swiggy offers great food, at a discounted rate and a speedy delivery, a perfect combo for you to enjoy your moments without worrying about cooking your food.


8. Hassle free payments


Swiggy allows hassle free and secured payment methods which includes many options from cash on delivery to secure online payments through UPIs and cards. 

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